For Candidates

For Candidates

Looking for work?

Why choose us to help you find your next position? Our consultants are approachable and friendly (honestly!!) and will offer you the best advice on finding your next role!

We work closely with our clients, and have an in depth knowledge of their company ethos and generally what makes them tick!  We want to get to know you too!  So we can make the perfect match!

  •  Want to talk to us?  Pick up the phone and chat to one of our consultants who will talk to you about possible vacancies.
  •  Send us a CV?  We will get back to you!

What happens next?

  • Come in and meet with us – bring a CV, proof of id (e.g. passport or driving licence)national insurance number and your bank details if you want to temp for us. We’ll supply the coffee!
  • Walk us through your career to date  and your aspirations for the future!
  • Not sure of your computer skills?  We can help you with our easy to complete assessment packages.  And don’t worry, there’s no pass or fail!
  • We will speak to you about current job opportunities, and also ask where you would like to work!  We’re proactive and quite happy to get on the phones and talk to prospective clients about you!
  • Not confident in interviews?  Our consultants are here to help you with interview techniques and preparation.
  • When you find your perfect job, we will help you agree your salary and terms of employment on your behalf.

And if you've been pleased with the service that you have had – send us a note to tell us so!  We love feedback!!!

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